Blackwood is Back!

Blackwood is Back!

African Blackwood is one of the most luxurious woods used in woodworking, and our most grandiose wood in the BQueen Collection. Her glossy, natural luster and rich chocolate black color make a bold statement, while also being incredibly smooth to hold and maneuver.

Although Blackwood is the heaviest wood in our Collection, she is our go-to for our small hook sizes because of her dependability and durability. In fact, this wood is so dense that she quickly dulls our turning tools and so requires much more time to produce a single crochet hook. However, the end result always outweighs the extra time spent with Blackwood and every hook is hard to part with.

We have only four Blackwood pieces in stock at this time for crochet hooks, but the possibilities of what can be created with an African Blackwood crochet hook are endless.

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P. Rand

Can you stamp the hooks in American sizes which makes it easier for me ?

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