April Monthly Meet a Maker (MMAM): Lee Narkis

April Monthly Meet a Maker (MMAM): Lee Narkis

Our Monthly Meet a Maker series is bittersweet - exciting to be able to share a new maker with you all again, but also surprising at how fast this year is flying by! With Spring in full bloom and the warmer and brighter colors making an appearance, it's such a cheerful time of year. 


Every so often, I am honored to be a moderator for the @CraftAsTherapy account on Instagram, and this past time, I stumbled upon gorgeous crocheted necklaces by Lee Narkis. I fell in love immediately, due to their delicate features PLUS the crocheted touch on each necklace. So, without further ado, welcome our April Maker: Lee Narkis.

Lee grew up in a world of color, strolling around her father's textile factory. Her love of vivid color and delicate jewelry combined in a chic contrast for beautiful accessories.

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I am always amazed at how wonderful fellow makers are to work with, and Lee was no different. Even though she is all the way in Israel (say what!), she had my necklace in the mail in no time. I had a hard time deciding which necklace I loved most, but eventually chose the Emerald Crocheted Gold Necklace.

Friends, I like to think BQueen is pretty cool at packaging, but Lee is on a whole other level. She is pure #packaginggoals, down to the precisely folded tissue paper with little slots, to the washi tape accents. I was completely blown away by her attention to detail, and this made my necklace even more special. 

You can tell Lee has a pride for her product that we all hope to have. There isn't a thing missed, no detail overlooked. I wonder what took her more time, the necklace or the packaging - it is that good. The quality of her communication, packaging, and product make me want to follow her around like a dog and learn what I can to improve our own brand. 

And the necklace - well, it's gorgeous. I've never found a crocheted necklace that was both delicate and modern. Her beautiful gold necklace was the perfect length, colorful yet tasteful. Lee has over 40 different necklaces to choose from, ranging from different colors to different lengths.

 I love my necklace from Lee, and I also love to drool over her branding, packaging, and tasteful style. Just check out her Instagram @leenarkis and photo below to see what I mean! 


Just like every Meet a Maker post, I wanted to share a bit more about Lee with you! And because Lee is totally awesome, she's giving away the same Emerald Crocheted Green Necklace. Click the link below to be taken directly to the Giveaway!


1. Tell us your name and a little about your business.

My name is Lee Narkis and I’m a mixed media designer.
I started crocheting two years ago while pregnant, making crocheted dolls for my yet to be born beautiful daughter :)
My crocheted jewelry collection is all about mixing handmade craftsmanship and modern graphic design.
Last year, I offered the collection only at local craft fairs and in jewelry stores. This year, I’ve started my new ETSY shop, hoping to reach fashion lovers worldwide. I’m so excited!
I design and assemble everything in my own home studio in Tel-Aviv. I get a lot of help from my husband and a lot of inspiration from my 1.5 years old daughter :)

2. What do you love most about your product?

I love the ability to create a unique and original item from endless combinations of colored and gold plated pendants, items that will please a whole range of fashion lovers.

3. What is the hardest part of having your own business/selling handmade?

Finding the right materials is quite tricky, as I want to make sure the final product is of the highest quality. I have to test each material to ensure that I find the perfect ones for me :)

4. What other makers inspire you?

I’m inspired from makers of various artistic fields. To name a few:

XROMA (www.xroma.etsy.com) rings have beautiful vivid colors. I just adore them!
RTBP (www.ReasonToBePretty.etsy.com) textile jewelry design has a unique style that makes a statement.
I’m also deeply inspired by delicate paper artisans, such as Nina Pearse (www.ninapearse.com).

5. What advice do you have for a handmade business just starting out?

Follow your dreams and get all of the support you can get from your family and friends, and just be as stubborn as possible in order to achieve your goals!

6. How can we find you?

You can find me on:

ETSY: www.leenarkis.etsy.com
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/leenarkis/
PINTEREST: www.pinterest.com/leenarkis/
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/LeeNarkisDesign/


Lee Narkis is giving away a beautiful Emerald Crocheted Gold Necklace (pictured) to one lucky winner! Enter in the Rafflecopter Box below for your chance to win.

WINNER CHOSEN - Congrats Jennie! @jmar329

She describes this necklace perfectly:

A crescent crochet necklace inspired by geometric art deco style. The handmade crocheted cotton lace outlines the fine features of the pendant.

Read the full details HERE.

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Open worldwide. Ends 4/21/17 at 11:59pm MST. One random winner will be contacted via email on 4/22 by Lee Narkis. 

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