BQueen Yarn Launch!

It is official - no turning back now! BQueen is now offering natural, hand-dyed fibers from right here in our backyard of Colorado, USA. I use all natural dye extracts, so you can rest easy knowing that your yarn is free of any harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes.

PLUS, save 10% when you purchase any BQueen Crochet Hook with any yarn! Just use coupon code HOOKYARN at checkout. 

Several colorways are available on our site HERE, but we are just getting started! Dyeing is so much fun, especially when you can learn to appreciate all colorways (even if your first thought is Nope!) and results. The less expectation, the more happiness (this should be a life quote).

I have only been dyeing since early 2016 when I learned to dye specifically for our Dye Club, but as soon as I started dyeing and trying to find colors, I was hooked. You can kettle dye, solar dye, microwave, paint, and ombre dye with natural extracts. There really are so many possibilities and many dye extracts that it is hard to want to do anything else but dye!

In an upcoming Vlog, I will be sharing how I mordant and dye yarn in my huge 100qt stock pot, as well as some tips and tricks I have already learned this early in my dyeing career.

Have you ever naturally dyed? If not, be sure to check out our Custom Dye Boxes to try your own hand at dyeing naturally.

Do you prefer to shop from natural dyers or synthetic? Tell me about your own personal dyeing experiences in the comments below. 

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