Finished Project: Bobble Afghan

Finished Project: Bobble Afghan

Dropping in for a quick "Finished Project" update: an afghan that I made for my sister's housewarming gift/wedding present. I started off with the pattern Bobble Diamonds Afghan by Patsy Harbor from the Crochet World magazine, but adjusted it a bit for my taste. 

The trickiest thing about this project is since you are working the bobbles on the wrong side, you have to continuously look to the other side of your work to make sure you have correctly placed them and are following the diamond shaped increases/decreases (because I'm not counting hundreds of stitches every row). I had to frog several rows several different times to fix a bobble I had misplaced but didn't realize.

Besides the tedious bobble checking, the actual pattern was very easy and following a pattern line by line wasn't necessary. I used one of my 6mm Goncalo Wood Crochet Hook with Marquess Crown.

I switched the bobbles from a treble crochet stitch to a regular bobble, which undoubtedly used more yarn, but I didn't care for the look of the treble type bobble which the pattern used.

I didn't follow the size, especially since I substituted the yarn from the Redheart Super Saver (sorry Redheart, I can't stand this line of fiber) to Berroco Vintage in Smoke (05106). I can't remember how many skeins I used (it was a lot), as this definitely is a yarn eater project, but it was still a beautiful end result. PLUS, this thing weighed a ton and is a very warm, heavy blanket.

I was happy to get this project done - it took me over 8 months to finish, but she loves it and I was so happy to gift it to my sister.

Another project complete!



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