Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year's Eve!


As the year of 2016 draws to close, we are thinking of our blessings and are already setting goals for 2017. 

Some of our highlights...

Brian and I moved three times in 2016! I found out on September 11th that I was pregnant with our second, and had to wait two long days until Brian came back from hunting to tell him (I took three tests just to confirm!). We bought our first house, a new car, found a dream job for Brian and have started on the long journey.

I attended my first craft fair as a vendor in Taos, made incredible network connections with talented makers, and expanded our marketing in to magazines. I learned to dye yarn, bought a 100qt stock pot, and and expanded our business while learning some noteworthy lessons along the way.

It is bittersweet how fast the year goes by, especially with the satisfaction of previous goals accomplished, yet uncertainty for the newly created goals already approaching. For me and our business, the finish line of expansion seems unreachable. It is hard to picture an end in sight, when you always want to grow more, learn more, get more, sell more. Be more. 

But the drive to continue and strive as a small business means we'll adapt to our customers, update and improve, create and innovate. We have officially been in business two years, but sometimes I feel like it's been ten, other times only a couple months.

Bring on 2017...

With the New Year comes our new goal to interact more within the creative community. Blog posts like these and weekly vlogs are the next challenge for us. Get ready to see my face a lot. New products, concepts, tutorials, and connections for the year of 2017. Although I'm wary of juggling a business with two kiddos (coming May!), I'm very excited for our future plans.

We at BQueen want to say Thank You for the year 2016. Without you, I could not be a stay at home mom. Every sale is a compliment and reassures us that we must be doing something right. I am so thankful for you - you ARE the reason we can be BQueen.

To 2017, a year of possibility, and forward momentum. 




Stay tuned for our first blog post of the new year, talking about my last project finished of 2016. 




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