JORD Watch Giveaway

JORD Watch Giveaway

Got time? Let me tell you about an amazing company that I had the pleasure of working with recently.

My very good IG friend Lindsay from @bundlehandmade posted on her feed about this watch she’d been drooling over from a company called JORD. I stalked them a bit, and soon was drooling myself.

Meet JORD – a company who is known worldwide for their incredible timepieces made from natural woods. Sound familiar? BQueen has the same principles – all natural woods found around the world modified for a unique product. JORD uses woods like zebrawood, walnut, purpleheart, and ebony – all of which have come across the lathe of BQueen as well.

Their use of wood is what first attracted me to their product, but their company as a whole is exactly what BQueen strives to be. They have top notch customer service, their branding and (OMG!) packaging is what we dream about, and their product delivers as much satisfaction as you would expect based off their reputation.

We are in awe that JORD was excited to collaborate, and so sent us our very own watch. They have both men's and women's watches to choose from, making the decision especially difficult! We decided to go with the men's watch Ebony and Copper from the Dover Series. Brian wears a watch every day, and because he is the main wood worker behind BQueen, we agreed he could have the honor of having his very own JORD watch.

The watch is made from ebony, a wood BQueen no longer uses but has before. We have since switched to African Blackwood for our black crochet hooks, a more readily available yet still considered as one of the finest woods available. However, the ebony with the copper face is striking and provides a tasteful masculine contrast and – the type of ebony that JORD uses is actually one of the rarest ebony available.

JORD utilizes 13 woods for its timepieces, and as fellow woodworkers, we love them all. I didn’t realize how much I love and have a passion for wood until we started making our crochet hooks, and undoubtedly JORD feels the same way. The grain patterns you can find in the wood make each piece unique and I love that you can capture the character of wood for a timepiece as well. Just like our crochet hooks are one of a kind, so are the watches from JORD.


If you have an attraction to BQueen crochet hooks and natural wood products, then a JORD watch is your next step. Something about an all natural and unique product is what keeps the world interesting, and JORD does a fabulous job of capturing the uniqueness of wood with an absolutely tasteful timepiece.

If I were to have gotten the watch instead of Brian, I would have most definately chosen the Purpleheart and Plum from the Frankie Series. Gah, it's so wonderfully beautiful!


JORD is such a wonderful and giving company that are giving away a $100 OFF Coupon towards a JORD watch to one lucky winner!


Click the link above to be taken to the Giveaway entry form for your chance to win. Only one winner is chosen, but everyone who enters receives $25 OFF towards a JORD watch!

The giveaway will close 08/27/2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 11/30/2017.
Luxury Wooden Watch


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