Project Complete: Godmother's Granny Blanket

It’s finally finished!

31,000+ stitches, 255 granny circles, 16 colors, 1,500+ ends to weave in…

Yikes! But so worth it.

My Godmother requested a blanket like the one I made my best friend, and as a thank you for coming with my mom and I to the Taos Wool Festival (my first ever fair as a vendor), I was happy to make her one. I had to pick my jaw off the floor several times at her natural saleswoman skills, while I quietly and nervously crocheted in the corner, wondering if we would sell any hooks. You may be surprised to hear I am not a saleswoman, probably why I failed as a cocktail waitress, happily and quickly leaving a profession where up-selling was required. But oh can my Godmother sell, with her warm personality and energetic conversation.

So here it is – Godmother’s Granny Blanket. My last (and biggest) project completed in the year 2016. It was bittersweet boxing it up, especially hard to part with after I found an edging pattern that just made it perfect (find it HERE). But alas, I am so happy it is now in my Godmother’s well deserved hands, and even more excited to be able to start a new project.

Do we ever stop? No. Not while the world still turns.

The Materials

Here is the PDF Color List and Pattern Links: PDF Color List GGB 

KnitPicks Swish Worsted (100% Superwash Merino) was my fiber of choice. Tons of colors, machine washable, soft merino. Done.

I used Plymouth Yarn Select Worsted Merino Superwash to join the circles and for the edging. This can be expensive, so watch for sales.

My hook-of-choice was my BQueen American Holly "Baroness" Hook, 5mm. These mini hooks are shorter than our standard hooks. Even after over 31,000 stitches, my hands and fingers never cramped or stiffened. Can you say that about your hook?  Plus, with American Holly being our lightest weight wood, I can really rip through a pattern as big as this one. Take a look at the video of how fast you can go with the right hook.

American Holly in Motion

The Design

The finished measurements were 62" x 73", in between a full and queen size.

Many have already asked how I combined colors – the question really, is how didn’t I? Totally random, no real plan or mathematic equation. My go-to pattern for the Granny Circles is by Solstrikke, found HERE. To join the circles, I used my absolute go-to-I’ll-only-ever-use-this-method Continuous Join As You Go by BabyLove Brand found HERE, also known as @cypresstextiles on Instagram (if you are not following this talented blanket maker, you should!). Her tutorial is very thorough and it is the only way to stay sane when joining 255 circles. Trust me.

And my favorite part, I must confess, was the edging. I used the free edging pattern by Diana Nassiboulina on her Giant Granny Square Afghan from Ravelry (found HERE). It added the perfect whimsical touch, and was a cinch to do.

Here is the PDF Color List and Pattern Links: PDF Color List GGB 

Take Away Tip

Coordinate your blanket projects to be in the winter, because it was very convenient to crochet a blanket while using it as a blanket. Had I made this in the summer, 500 lbs of wool on my lap would not have been so charming.

As with any fiber artist, I have a list of other projects I want to get started. BUT, I am really trying to keep one #wip at a time. Wish me luck!

What was your last completed project of 2016? Have you ever made a Granny Square blanket? What is next on your project list?

Share it in the comments below and thank you for stopping by!


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Absolutely gorgeous!! I love it so much!! I think i am inspired to crochet my own.

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