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JORD Watch Giveaway

Got time? Let me tell you about an amazing company that I had the pleasure of working with recently. My very good IG friend Lindsay from @bundlehandmade posted on her feed about this watch she’d been drooling over from a company called JORD. I stalked them a bit, and soon was drooling myself. Meet JORD – a company who is known worldwide for their incredible timepieces made from natural woods. Sound familiar? BQueen has the same principles – all natural woods found around the world modified for a unique product. JORD uses woods like zebrawood, walnut, purpleheart, and ebony – all of which have come across the lathe of BQueen as well. Their use of wood is what first attracted me to...

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March Dye Club Tutorial - Dye this Colorway

March is almost here, and that mean's the deadline for our March Dye Club is fast approaching. Sign up BEFORE March 1st if you want in on this spring inspired colorway! Usually our Dye Club colorways are a surprise every month, but our March box is so fantastic that I just couldn't wait to share. Plus, I wanted to share the tutorial on how to get this colorway with the natural dye extracts you'll be receiving in your MARCH BOX. March Dye Club members will be receiving both Caribbean and Weld/Calcium Carbonate extracts. Caribbean is a natural dye extract (no longer sold, unfortunately) that allows us to get some pretty-dang-pretty blues, while Weld is known for it's brilliant yellow color.  Wondering where the yellow is in...

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The Big Red Experiment

If you follow us on any social media, you'll know that I've been undergoing a big natural dyeing experiment to find a decent red on a superwash wool/nylon blend (and how appropriate for it being February!). This adventure is part of a new and exciting product launch coming early February (check out the teaser HERE). It started out as "I want a red yarn," and about seven attempts later, I was no closer to a red (with several pink/orange hanks to show for it). Seeking advice from professional dyers (Kathy from Botanical Colors, Jackie from @forage_color, and Ruth from The Natural Twist), I was given insight on things to try and consoled on my struggle to find a beautiful red on a wool/nylon blend -...

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About the Name "BQueen Collection"

We are asked a lot where the name BQueen Collection comes from, and we are always happy to share the meaning behind it. Throughout my childhood and continuing through adulthood, I have been called "Boo Queen," or "Boo" for short by my family and closest friends. No one can really remember how the nickname started, but there are several notes and letters signed off "Boo Queen, Queen of All the Boos" from when I was very young. What a Boo is? Never had an idea, but I just knew I was the Queen of them.  Unrelated but also throughout my childhood, us four siblings grew up playing chess. My sister and I played the most, and we would make extremely diluted French...

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Redheart Valentine's Day Sale

February is almost here and love will be (officially) in the air! We are launching our annual Redheart Sale early so your order can arrive by Valentine's Day (US only). Our wood crochet hooks made from Redheart are a natural, yet brilliant apple red from the start. Redheart darkens with age into a brown cinnamon color, adding even more character to this already beautiful wood. But - there's a catch! Our sale only applies to the first 10 orders to use the coupon code LOVERED at checkout. So what are you waiting for?  CHECK OUT THE REDHEART SALE - CLICK HERE

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