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Happy New Year's Eve!

  As the year of 2016 draws to close, we are thinking of our blessings and are already setting goals for 2017.  Some of our highlights... Brian and I moved three times in 2016! I found out on September 11th that I was pregnant with our second, and had to wait two long days until Brian came back from hunting to tell him (I took three tests just to confirm!). We bought our first house, a new car, found a dream job for Brian and have started on the long journey. I attended my first craft fair as a vendor in Taos, made incredible network connections with talented makers, and expanded our marketing in to magazines. I learned to dye yarn, bought a 100qt stock...

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Hand Painting with Natural Dyes

Everyone likes variegated fiber! The color changes, the character, the creativity! It can be done with natural dyes, and we are showing you how for our November Box Subscribers, where you'll receive TWO dye extracts in your box to learn this technique: Logwood and Cutch. To SIGN UP for our Monthly Subscription, click HERE. To say that I am experienced in this technique would be false – I only just experimented myself and found it to work. Please keep that in mind, and experiment in your own fashion as well. Most of all, please take extra care when microwaving your fiber. I haven’t tested each fiber type, nor do I know the strength of my microwave compared to yours. If you’re opposed...

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