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March Dye Club Tutorial - Dye this Colorway

March is almost here, and that mean's the deadline for our March Dye Club is fast approaching. Sign up BEFORE March 1st if you want in on this spring inspired colorway! Usually our Dye Club colorways are a surprise every month, but our March box is so fantastic that I just couldn't wait to share. Plus, I wanted to share the tutorial on how to get this colorway with the natural dye extracts you'll be receiving in your MARCH BOX. March Dye Club members will be receiving both Caribbean and Weld/Calcium Carbonate extracts. Caribbean is a natural dye extract (no longer sold, unfortunately) that allows us to get some pretty-dang-pretty blues, while Weld is known for it's brilliant yellow color.  Wondering where the yellow is in...

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BQueen Tutorial: Wood Photo Board

It’s time for our first tutorial of 2017, and it is an easy project that you can use throughout the year: a Wood Photo Board. I love to take photos, specifically of our products, and while I have only an iphone and a $20 broken tripod held together with a rubber band, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to take the best photos I can. My mother-in-law just reminded me, “…you do the best you can with what you have.” So there are ways to fake it until you can make it (or can afford a million dollar DSLR camera, lighting, tripod, and such) with simple solutions that don’t have to break the bank. One of my go-to photo props...

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