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Meet the BLACK BOX - an experience of both luxury and indulgence. From the enchanting wax seal to the hidden treasures inside, you will step in to a perfect world of specialty items that compliment one another.  Our first BLACK BOX is called Love -  Love is an invitation of romance for the fiber lover. For this box, we’ve gathered items that make us fall in love again, from the fiery red colors to the soft and plush single-ply fibers. Explore passionate reds, practical tools, and endless possibilities. I wanted to create a box that wasn't like any other - both in the completeness of the package but also in the quality of the items. The fiber is hand-dyed by me, the items...

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About the Name "BQueen Collection"

We are asked a lot where the name BQueen Collection comes from, and we are always happy to share the meaning behind it. Throughout my childhood and continuing through adulthood, I have been called "Boo Queen," or "Boo" for short by my family and closest friends. No one can really remember how the nickname started, but there are several notes and letters signed off "Boo Queen, Queen of All the Boos" from when I was very young. What a Boo is? Never had an idea, but I just knew I was the Queen of them.  Unrelated but also throughout my childhood, us four siblings grew up playing chess. My sister and I played the most, and we would make extremely diluted French...

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