A Better BQueen

This 2019 year, we have big goals for going green. For full transparency and accountability, we'd like to share these goals with you for your support, understanding, and information.

What sets us apart from most indie dyers is the use of natural dyes, which we source from sustainable suppliers, so we can be sure our ingredients and processes are non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. However, even the word natural doesn't always mean safe, so even though we practice natural dyeing, we avoid toxic "natural" chemicals such as copper and chrome. 

Some of the dyes we source are even certified organic by GOTS. We are interested in pursuing this certification ourselves, but to become certified, every step of our process including the dyes and fibers must also have been GOTS certified. This is a long term goal of ours.

For now, these are our 2019 goals:

  • Remove all traditionally processed superwash yarns and replace with either eco-friendly machine washable wool or non superwash wool (Read more about the environmental hazards of Superwashing HERE)
  • Only source wool from happy, well-treated sheep (NO mulesing or chemical dips).
  • Incorporate wool from USA raised and processed sheep to support Made in America and small farms.
  • Replace all of our print using eco-friendly and green printing services
  • Replace all of our plastic packaging with biodegradable/compostable materials

Our active green initiatives:

  • We save on paper with electronic receipts
  • We avoid "rinsing our fibers until the water runs clear" - it is unnecessary and requires a great amount of water for natural dyes. Instead, we wash, rinse, and condition. Therefore, some bleeding may occur with our fibers, but it should be minor and is part of the natural dye process.
  • We reuse water whenever possible
  • We save on energy by using natural means for yarn drying (we love the wind)
  • We reduce resources, energy, and waste by cold mordanting our fibers without heat. This process takes almost a week (as opposed to an hour with heat).
  • We only source wool from non-mulesing suppliers