It takes over 16 different tools to make your hook. It passes between only two people (Brian and Makenzie) three times, the making process shared. The customization you choose guides us along, from your wood selection to the crown top and size. You receive not only a one of a kind item, but an item that was made especially for you based on your desires.

Your hook first starts with Brian and his lathe. Your wood is hand selected from the BQueen Wood Collection, cut down to proper length, and prepared for turning.

Various tools turn the wood blank into a cylinder, where precise cut ins are established for the shank, handle, and crown. Any additional detail work, such as the lines from the Marchioness crown top, are created. After sanding, your hook is then removed from the lathe.

Your hook, even though off the lathe, is still unfinished. It is given to Makenzie to carve out the hook head with various files and tools. Finally, it is sanded with several different grits to perfect smoothness, ensuring your yarn glides effortless and efficiently around and over the hook head.

Now back to Brian, your hook is given a thumb rest and ready to soak. Depending on the hook, we use various natural oils like carnauba wax, beeswax, and walnut oil, which are lathered on to your hook and allowed to soak in overnight. 

The next day, your hook is then buffed to the ultimate natural shine. Back to Makenzie for our BQueen packaging, your hook is ready to be shipped in our wax sealed black box.