Our Wood Collection

BQueen experimented with over 25 different woods to establish our ideal Wood Collection. We’ve now handpicked the best ten that meet our high standards for workability, durability, and aesthetics. We look at multiple factors, such as dry weight, janka hardness, specific gravity, grain characteristics, and color when trying new woods. We chose woods that are naturally beautiful to gaze at while you crochet, but can also withstand the movement of crocheting.

From America to Europe, our wood collection features both domestic and exotic hardwoods. BQueen only uses hardwoods, primarily for their strength and higher density compared to softwoods (such as cedar, pine, and spruce). Hardwoods are more commonly used for carpentry that needs to last, flooring, furniture, etc. while softwoods are mostly used for lumber and construction because of their less expensive price and availability.

Now that we’ve been working with our ten woods for some time, we’ve grown to know them and their quirks. Still, we continue to try new woods which may show up for a Wildcard crochet hook or special promotion.

But for now, the Wood Collection of BQueen is comprised of the below 10 woods.