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H 5.00mm Holly Ergonomic Wood Crochet Hook

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You'll receive the exact hook shown in the first three pictures. Your hook will ship in 1-3 business days. 



  • Ergonomically Designed – more comfort, more crocheting
  • Naturally Beautiful Wood Collection – no stains, dyes, or chemicals
  • Clover Amour Hook Tip – my favorite, your favorite
  • Thumb-rest with mm Size Stamped – no spinning, no guessing
  • Royal Crown Tops – You know it’s BQueen
  • Small, family owned in Larkspur, CO


BEAUTY. Our Wood Collection is comprised of exotic and domestic woods that are naturally beautiful - NO stains, dyes, or chemicals. Because each wood blank is inherently different in its grain lines, color, and overall character, no two hooks are exactly the same. This means your hook is truly one of a kind.  Pair that with the beautiful designs Mr. BQueen creates, all with a royal BQueen crown top, and you have something truly unique.

EFFICIENCY. We designed our hooks to be actually useful and efficient. Carved sticks are pretty, but when you’re serious about your craft, you want a tool that elevates your performance and maximizes your time. That means combining our beautiful wood handles with the most popular and beloved crochet hook tips – Clover Amour. These metal hook tips are an inline and tapered hybrid, which is the most efficient design for your yarn to move over and around your hook tip and shank. This translates to less snags, smoother gliding, and faster crocheting.

FUNCTIONALITY. We are baffled by those who use pencil thin crochet hooks. There is a better way, my friends. Ergonomic means appropriately fitting the tool for the task to maximize comfort. Our wood handles are wider to alleviate strain on your joints and muscles, the thumb rest inhibits hook rotation while you crochet, and the stamped size means you know exactly what you’re using when you check that gauge…. Ahem.

FAMILY. BQueen is a husband-and-wife business (with four little ones) operating out of our home in Larkspur, Colorado. We are small, family orientated, passionate and proud of our product.


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