Lady in Waiting Wood Crochet Hook

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Aw, you know we don't want to rush you in to anything, so we made something just for you. Whether it's your first time with a wooden, handmade, ergonomic, or BQueen hook, we want to make you feel comfortable and confident in choosing our Royalty.

Meet the Lady in Waiting BQueen Crochet Hook. She's refined yet functional, simple yet still one of a kind. She's shorter in length, featuring a hybrid hook head, thumb-rest and sleek crown. Let Lady in Waiting guide your experience with a BQueen hook until you're ready for more.

Available in our standard woods + sizes up to 8mm. All Lady in Waiting hooks have the same crown design.

  • Sleek + refined - trimmed of all excess weight, while still meeting our BQueen standards of ergonomics and functionality
  • Thumb-rest + size stamped - less time adjusting your hook orientation
  • Shorter length (approx. 5.5 in), about an inch shorter than standard


View the woods in their individual listing for more photos, but come back here to purchase the wood for your Lady in Waiting hook.



Available in sizes up to 8mm.

Orders ship in approximately two weeks. LIMITED TIME AVAILABILITY.