Olivewood Wood Crochet Hook

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Swirls of rich caramel and frothy cream, Olivewood is a delectable partner in your crocheting endeavors. All BQueen Hooks include:

  • Ergonomic design - comfortable hands means less strain, more crocheting
  • Lightweight and smooth - maneuvering your wooden hook is no sweat
  • Thumb-rest + size stamped - less time adjusting your hook orientation
  • Elegant crown top - a customized trademark of BQueen 

How to Order

Orders ship in approximately two weeks. 


Learn about our Wood CollectionEvery hook is one of a kind - colors and grain patterns vary. 


Hooks 8mm and smaller: Hybrid Hook Head (inline/tapered combination), hook length approximately 6.25 inches

Hooks 9mm and larger: Inline Hook Head, hook length approximately 6.25 to 8 inches


Chose from our Classic Crowns, Custom Design, or Crown of the Month (see picture below)

Crochet Hooks take approximately two weeks to make, plus time to ship. For rush orders, please contact us via email at bqueencollection [@] gmail.com