Pink Ivory Wood Crochet Hook

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Legend has it that Pink Ivory was only allowed among the royalty of southern Africa because of its rare, natural pink color. But the Pink Ivory tree offers more than just a beautiful and desirable wood; it also produces delectable fruit that many - even giraffes - love. Regardless, many wood workers refer to this wood as "rarer than diamonds" and it is one of the most prized woods available.

 A BQueen Collection hook includes:

  • Ergonomic design - comfortable hands means less strain, more crocheting
  • Lightweight and smooth - maneuvering your wooden hook is no sweat
  • Thumb-rest included - less time adjusting your hook orientation
  • Elegant crown top - a customized trademark of BQueen 

How to Order


Choose the crown style you’d like from the drop-down. If you'd like us to replicate a crown you've previously seen, or would like a completely unique crown, please choose "Custom" and leave a note in the Comments section.


Hook sizes up to 8mm: Made to have a "hybrid" hook head (combines inline and tapered styles for the most efficient and effective hook shape, letting your yarn slide effortlessly around and over for faster crocheting), approximately 6.25in long. 

Hook sizes 9mm and larger: Made to have an inline hook head, length ranges from 6.25in to 8in.

All hooks come stamped with their size in mm on the thumb rest for right handed orientation. If you do not want your hook stamped, or would like the stamp rotated, please leave a note in the comments section.


VISIT OUR FAQ for our shipping, return, and hook policies.

Please note: Each wood blank is different, and so the grain pattern will NOT be the exact same as the one pictured. The characteristics of each wood are ultimately unpredictable – but this makes your hook truly unique.

Single hooks ship in approximately 2 weeks. Please email us at for any questions.