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Unique, functional, and durable - here it is. We’ve combined your favorite metal hook tip with our handcrafted wood handle and royal crown top for the ultimate crochet tool.

  • Ergonomically designed for more comfort - more crocheting, less strain
  • One-of-a-kind wood selection - every hook is inherently different
  • Smooth shank and efficient hybrid hook tip - stitch faster and easier
  • Thumb-rest and mm size stamped - no twisting or guessing
  • Royal Crown tops - the BQueen trademark
  • Naturally finished - no chemicals, stains, or dyes

EXTRA SPECIAL is our favorite. Choose CUSTOM from the CROWN menu and we'll create a new crown design for you. If you want a specific custom crown, please email us right after placing your order.

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EVERY HOOK IS MADE one at a time as the specific order comes in. Your order name follows your crochet hook, from hand selecting your wood blank, matching your hook tip, turning the handle and crown, finishing and buffing, and boxing your crochet hook.

OUR WOOD COLLECTION is something we are proud of. Included are, what we think, the most beautiful domestic and exotic woods that are naturally stunning. Every piece is a surprise we uncover as it is turned on the lathe, and the finished hook is always unique.

IT’S HARD TO WAIT but we promise it’s worth it. Your order will ship in 2-3 weeks in a protective box with BQueen wax seal. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram or browse our Patterns.

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