Royalty Awaits.

We Believe

In One of a Kind. That not only should a crochet hook have custom features to match the personality of the artist, but also maximize comfort to improve the crochet experience, and encourage an interest to become a passion.

Just for You

Your hook is not turned until you place the order, the crown notches are not carved unless you say they should be. It is merely a wood blank, laying among others until you say it can become your crochet hook - a unique tool impossible to replicate and made only for you.

My Olivewood hook is perfect and I would highly recommend BQueen to anyone looking to try a wood hook. So elegant and incredibly comfortable to hold.

Jennifer W.

I absolutely loved it. The packaging was so unique and pretty ... I will absolutely buy another Black Box.

Kelly M.

I genuinely LOVE this crochet hook. It's so well crafted. Smooth all over, light, and highlights the unique patterning in the wood. The workmanship is impeccable from top to hook tip. 

Marceline S.

So comfortable to hold and the yarn glides effortlessly over the hook. It's a gorgeous heirloom piece and I definitely will be growing my collection of hooks from BQueen.

Brandy P.

We Make It