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Ergonomic Wood Crochet Hooks and Natural Skincare for the Fiber Artist

Made in Larkspur, Colorado, USA

BQueen Hooks

Our Wood Collection is comprised of exotic and domestic woods that arenaturallybeautiful -NO stains, dyes, or chemicals. Because each wood blank is inherently different in its grain lines, color, and overall character, no two hooks are exactly the same. This means your hook is truly one of a kind.  Pair that with the beautiful designs Mr. BQueen creates, all with a royal BQueen crown top, and you have something truly unique.

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The Boo Bar

All natural soap with luxury oils and butters to soothe, moisturize, and cleanse. Our Bars are rustic and handmade, because what matters to us is how a soap functions, not how it looks. We focus on ingredients that are pure, simple, and gentle – all for skin health. Our bars have a silky lather and refreshingly mild scent.

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  • Boo Butter

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    Boo ButterBoo Butter
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  • Boo Balm

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    Boo BalmBoo Balm
  • Boo Nails

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    Boo NailsBoo Nails
  • Boo Lips - Rosewood

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    Boo Lips - RosewoodBoo Lips - Rosewood
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