BLACK BOX Reveal: Peachy

All of the boxes have arrived and so it's time for us to reveal our last Black Box: Peachy!

Peachy released in July, with the ten boxes selling out in less than an hour. It was amazing and we are so grateful that others appreciate and desire what we put so much work in to. I, I L-O-V-E Black Boxes. I dream about them, and we simply cannot make them fast enough for all of the themes and ideas I have swarming in my head.

Peachy was " a fresh spin on the things you love, perfect for the middle of summer. Stay cool this season with trendy color palettes, modern storage accessories, and our most popular crochet hook."

So now it's time to spill the beans and share exactly what was in the Box!


Our most popular crochet hook was included in the Peachy Box: Goncalo Wood Crochet Hook It's stunning grain characteristics make this hook truly unique from hook to hook. Goncalo (pronounced Gon-Sa-Lo) is also known as Tigerwood because of the butterscotch and rich brown grain lines that decorate the wood.

The special crochet hook crown for our Peachy Black Box is one of my favorites custom crowns we make. It has a sleek shape with a beautiful bead.

The fiber for Peachy was the "Just Peachy" 3 Mini Sport weight skeins, naturally dyed with Logwood, Saxon Blue, and Madder. Being 100% SW Merino meant these guys were soft and perfect for small projects, like the included project for the Box.

The included pattern for those that purchased Peachy was the BQueen crochet pattern: Just Peachy Coaster. This worked up perfectly with the mini skeins and is the latest pattern from BQueen (found on HERE). I love this pattern because it combines simple stitches in an intricate manner to produce the perfect resting place for your next cup. Plus, it's only six rounds, which means you’ll have one completed in no time. With the three mini skeins, six coasters could be made in the three colors. 

The remaining items in the box had me the most excited, because they tied everything in the box together. Katy from made the Drawstring Project Bag in a modern, fresh fabric. She is now my go-to seamstress for our Black Boxes because of her perfectionist sewing (and bonus - she lives in Denver so we get to meet up in person!). Katy always has project bags in stock in many different sizes, so check her out if you're a bag hoarder like me. 

Kristen from BuboHandmade is also amazing with her craft of leather making. She made the divine leather coin pouches for Peachy in the perfect natural color to match the drawstring bag and theme. Check out her shop if your heaven involves the smell of leather. 

And of course, our boxes always include a treat and a drink to complete the full experience, which was peach tea and assorted flavors of salt water taffy.

OUR NEXT BOX: Wilderness

I swear our boxes keep getting better and better! Our next box is called WILDERNESS and will delight your anticipation of all things fall. Step in the forest with us, be reminded of warm campfires and secrets shared over marshmallows. Close your eyes and breathe in the scent of crisp morning fog and enchanting mountains. 

Because we are selling out faster and faster, we are offering 15 Boxes for our Wilderness release. Sign up for the email reminder HERE so you can try and snag one before sellout!

RELEASES September 14th at 8am

What is a Black Box?

Oh man. It's excitement. It's adventure. It's indulgence. It's an exclusive themed box, filled with contents that perfectly compliment one another. It is the full experience of the chosen theme - smells, tastes, feelings. 

Black Box by BQueen is limited, exclusive, and briefly offered. We don't stockpile all of the contents. We compile enough stock for the said amount of boxes because our goal isn't to sell to the masses, but to indulge only a few. We want our boxes to be perfect, complete, and satisfying from the presentation to the quality of the items. 


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