BLACK BOX Reveal: Glimmer

We are opening up our most recent Black Box Glimmer and sharing what we included in the box (mostly because we just get so dang excited about spilling the beans!) now that all of the boxes have been fully indulged upon by the recipients.

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That means if you're digging our luxury crochet kits and want in on the next Box, you need to set your alarm because these sell out fast! Remember - we only have 20 Boxes available, and each box has a special theme AND they include all of the materials needed (especially the hand-dyed fiber and BQueen Crochet Hook) to complete an entire project. 

The Glimmer Black Box

Glimmer was the sparkle of the holiday season. It was the excitement of giving and receiving, the merry cheer in the air and the anticipation of old traditions and new memories. It was getting cozy in your favorite crochet spot and creating something new while the cold gathers outside. It was the enchantment and belief of the time of year – oh, how the lights twinkled and glimmered.


Our featured BQueen Collection Wood Crochet Hook for the Glimmer Black Box was creamy, swirly, delicious looking 5mm Olivewood. This wood has beautiful grain lines, and as you can see - depth and character in every piece. Brian created a custom crown top that almost resembles a Christmas light - and it was perfectly suited for the time of year.



I was a bit nervous to do natural fiber for two Black Boxes in a row, but I had the crochet project in mind and to keep it tasteful and romantic, it just had to be left undyed. Glimmer featured one beautiful worsted hank of 81% U.S. Wool, 17% Mohair, and 2% Polyester for sparkle - as was the theme of the Box. Full of texture, this fiber was perfect for the crochet project I was so excited about creating.


With winter in mind and the holidays approaching, I wanted to create something for the home that was tasteful and still practical - AND could fit in any home's decor no matter the traditions followed or holidays celebrated. I designed two snowflake motifs that make up the Glimmer Garland crochet project. Super quick to whip up and getting many motifs from the one hank made it a quick holiday project without adding a bunch of stress to the crafter's usual long list of projects to complete during the holiday season.

It was really up to the customer to use the project how they wanted, since the motifs could be coasters, garland, etc. But, in the box we included something that turned the Glimmer Garland from good to great.

To make the Glimmer Garland really sparkle (literally), I included a battery powered string of soft warm yellow lights. Attaching the snowflake motifs to this garland would be the perfect atmosphere with the winter evenings and holiday cheer. And of course, I was not going to leave my buddies high and dry - batteries were wrapped in something shiny and included in the Box.


I think it might be impossible for me not to include something sewn in our Black Boxes, and so our girl Katy from ModularModular stepped up again to bring us this spectacular project bag that made my heart sing with completeness. This drawstring project bag is beautiful, with so much sparkle and glitter, and so tastefully done and connecting everything in the box together in one happy shimmer dreamland.

Our Black Boxes are focused on delivering the feels, smells, and experience of the chosen theme, and I knew that had to include a smell worthy of such a time of year. BeverlyAnd3rd had the most heavenly smelling Snow and Pine candle, complete with a wood wick for just that special crackling fireplace touch.


Then, I knew I wanted to encourage gratitude, little notes of kindness and shared thoughts during the season, so I sought out WhoIAmDesign to custom make the most fitting little blank cards for our Glimmer Black Box. Really - the items in this box were all cut from the same fabric it looks like, I swear. Perfectly packaged and perfect for our Box!

There is this company called FloopsStitchMarkers and if knit more, I'd have a million of these - but I've been in contact with Christy for months when she shared they'd been working on a removable crochet stitch marker. Well, the timing worked out perfect and she was a doll to work with - literally customizing their brand new product just for our Glimmer Box. I'll be doing a whole blog post just on these stitch markers, but they are bendable and easily slip in through the your stitch to mark your place. I LOVE them - and look at the glitter!

Of course, our Boxes always come with a sweet treat and something to drink to wrap up the Box experience. For Glimmer it was cue the sugarcookie tea and gold sixlets candies!


Glimmer was our last Box of 2017, and our 5th Black Box ever.

If you're wanting more from a crochet kit, then don't miss our next Black Box Adore.

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